Jerusalem Entrance Quarter

Tal Senior Architects (TSA) was among 10 architectural practices to submit proposals for the design of an area in Jerusalem which will turn into one of the most important pivotal districts of the city. The zone will comprise a main urban center for commerce, hotels, culture, work, leisure, recreation and a primary center of transport for the city. The site is of strategic and central importance due to its location at the western gate to the city, at the start of the axis of Jaffa road, which connects the site to the Old City.
This site is the point of convergence of the open zones of the city, Gan Saker and its continuation to the valley of Hamazleva at the south east and Arazim valley Park and Lifta at the west.

Along government offices, Hilton hotel, Haoma cultural center, Main bus station, Foreign office neighborhood and the main train station, currently under construction, there are vast areas of land with a hidden potential that have not been realized. The site’s unique location at the western entrance to the city, away from historical centers, creates an opportunity for a modern center using Jerusalem’s local modern design language as a balance to the Old City and its surroundings.

The TSA proposal comprises some 35,000-sq. m of meeting rooms, spaces for performances and exhibitions in addition to 120,000-sq. m for a hotel, commerce, housing and office space. Our design and Urban planning includes a main square, which will act as a central connecting space between the soon to be completed train and tram stations and new radiating pedestrian avenues to the southern and eastern adjacent zones of the city.
The square is planned to become the heart of the site and will accommodate thousands of people, expected to arrive on a daily basis through the new stations on the adjacent sites. The proposals for the project are exhibited in the City Town Hall while a public discussion to determine the future of the site is taking place.


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