Station - S

The TSA design project for the development of station 20 in Sofia, Bulgaria and the urban surrounding areas around the entrance to the station depicts notions, elements, and characteristics of the essence of what a station is, in the abstract sense and the physical materialization.

Railways and metro stations are about movement, dynamism, the flow of masses of people to and from trains and to destinations. They are about the pace of daily life, about instances, vectors and romanticism, which all form the metaphysical as well as the physical spirit of a station.

The station entrances are designed as freestanding objects in the landscape, which face gardens and zones of activity. They are located at points of intersection where large numbers of pedestrians are expected. Entrances are in zones where they will not stop or obstruct the flow of pedestrian traffic. Each entrance to the station is a minimal structure, which acts as an icon for the entrance but does not overpower the street’s square and meandering landscape, which we have proposed for the site. The positioning of both entrances not above the station, but at the two ends of it, allow for free movement of people in the center of the site and via the commercial zones adjacent to the entrance hall. This creates large amounts of pedestrian movement on the site and within the station.

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